Support the Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corps get "Down the Road"
Support the Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corps get "Down the Road"

Pioneer needs your generous support to help offset the costs of getting the corps “Down the Road” on the 2017 DCI Tour

As you can imagine, the cost of providing meals and transportation for a corps of 150 members, plus staff and volunteers, is a considerable expense. While membership dues cover a portion of this expense, the remainder is offset through generous contributions from people like you. Through your support, we can continue providing our members with a World Class experience as they travel "Down the Road" to the 2017 Drum Corps International World Championships at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN.

Our “Down the Road” program provides you with several different options to support the corps. These options, which are outlined below, are based on actual costs the corps anticipates facing during the upcoming season.

Sponsor a Meal

On most days, the Corps provides the members with 3 meals and a snack.
Costs for each of these are:

Meal $/Member Plates/Utinsils $/Meal
Breakfast $2.50 $52.00 $427.00
Lunch $3.25 $52.00 $539.50
Dinner $3.75 $52.00 $614.50
Snack $1.20 $52.00 $232.00
Sponsor a Tank of Gas

The Corps travels over 7,000 miles on tour with a convoy of 7 vehicles.
Costs for each of these are:

Meal Gal./Tank Avg/Gal. $/Tank
Coach Bus (x4) 200 $2.75 $550.00
Semi Truck (x2) 200 $2.75 $550.00
RV w/Trailer (x1) 50 $2.75 $112.50

If you wish to make a contribution through our "Down the Road" program, please complete the form below. You will be able to choose the type of contribution that you wish to make, and submit payment right away. In addition, you will also be able to choose the day on which you want your contribution to be applied. This will also allow us to recognize your generous contribution via social media and our website (with your permission).

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