Membership Dues for this year will be $2900 for the season. This includes all summer transportation, instruction, equipment, uniform, cultural days, event admissions and 85% of meals.

Pioneer offers a sponsorship program to help offset costs called Sponsors of Pioneer Youth, or SOPY. It is simple! Send a sponsorship letter to friends, family and local businesses. Any money given to the corps in your name goes directly to your tuition. Many have paid for the entire summer with this program!

For more information on the SOPY program: Click Here!


Camp Fees

New Member Camp Fee: $85.00 per camp
Returning Vet Camp Fee: $60.00 per camp
Use of Pay Pal Fee for Paying Camp Fee: $3.00 per camp

 Camp fees are separate from the Membership Dues and must be paid at each camp that you attend.


Veteran Credit: $100.00 for each year of service (1 year = at least 8 months  valid until June 1st)

Family Credit: There will be no charge for more than 2 members from any one family.  It is a compliment to have you in our Pioneer Corps family.

Recruitment Credit: $100.00 for each member who joins and remain in the Pioneer Corps for the season, due to your efforts, as listed on their membership form.

SOPY Credits:  These forms are available at all camps.  100% of the money collected is applied towards the member's dues or personal expense account (no to exceed $2,800.00).  These tax-deductible donations are to be made out to the Pioneer Corps on behalf of the member.  All donations are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.

Early Pay Credit: $200.00 credit for paying total fees by March 17th.

Bingo Credits:  Credit will be given for each occasion that a parent, booster or member helps at a Bingo session.

Bus Seating Priority:  This is an incentive that when your dues are paid in full, you will be able to pick the location of your summer seat based on the order of the date received.  The selection will take place June 1st.

Date of Credit:  Implementation of all credits from SOPY, Bingo, Veteran Discount and Recruitment will be applied to your 2016 Dues at the May, 2016 camp.

Refunds:  All refunds will be given in the form of credit only (no cash), and will be applied to the following year's fees in the event that one is not able to continue to participate for any reason.  Refunds are not transferable to any other member.


Fee Payment Schedule

Payment #1 - January Camp - $725.00
Payment #2 - March Camp - $725.00
Payment #3 - April Camp - $725.00
Payment #4 - May Camp - $725.00*

* = or balance due after credits


Membership Fee Covers:

-All summer touring transportation via Pioneer Motor Coaches
-All summer housing facilities
-All winter & summer musical and visual instruction
-All entrance fees to cultural events (theme parks, historical sites, etc.)
-All use of the Corps' instruments, equipment and uniforms
-At least 85% of the summer meals (eat out meals usually occur while the corps is on the road in travel)
-The Pioneer Corps Banquet, including a dinner, awards and entertainment

(1) Lined Satin Green Pioneer Corps Jacket with Name
(1) Pioneer Theme Dress Shirt
(1) Pioneer Hooded Sweat Shirt
(1) Rain Poncho
(1) Water Jug
(1) Bar of Irish Spring!
(1) L.L. Bean Adventure Duffle Bag
(1) Tour Video
(1) Large Group and Wallet Size Photo
(2) Name Shirts for Spring Training

(1) Pair Uniform Shoes
(2) Uniform compression shirts
(4) Pair of Black Socks
(2) Pair of White Gloves (brass)
(1) Pair of Gloves for Rifles/Sabers (guard)
All Percussion Sticks