If you're worried about how to raise the funds to make your drum corps dream a reality, here's some steps that everyone from the rookie to the seasoned vet can use to achieve your goals!

Step #1
Put together a letter for potential sponsors. Give some information about yourself, what drum corps is (for people who are not as familiar), why you want to do it, and what the benefit is for you (and perhaps for your community, your band program, etc.) from your participation. Make sure to mention the discipline, work ethic, and how 80+ days on the road will allow you to hone your skills, especially if you're considering a music major or other experience where this fits directly.

Step #2
Include a copy of the SOPY letter. This can be downloaded online and printed.

Step #3
Some people include a picture of themselves to personalize the letter.

Step #4
Prepare a list of potential people, businesses and community organizations that you know, are involved with, are active with, or are at least they are familiar with you. Take this list, and send out these letters as a packet. One person who did this took all her sponsors and made T-Shirts naming them so they gained recognition while on the road. Be creative if you can! This list should most definitely include:
a. Churches,
b. VFW/American Legion
c. Local Businesses
d. Local associations (i.e. Rotary)

Step #5
Keep track of the list. Follow up with a phone call, email or other correspondence.

Step #6
Be sure to include that every little bit counts, and ask that if they have other ideas how to assist (other people to ask, other groups who donate funds for similar causes) to please forward that to them.


DO explain to potential donors how being in this activity will help make you a better individual.

DO be enthusiastic and optimistic

DO show people what you're doing and how hard you're working towards the summer along with asking for their help

DO be professional. When going to talk to potential sponsors, look nice, wear your corps jacket (if you have one), be presentable (shave, look nice), smile and be polite.

DO explain what their potential donation goes towards (housing, meals, transportation, instruction, uniforms, equipment, etc.)

DO Update your messages, posts, events page, or profiles for Facebook, GoFundME, or other sites.

DO show your appreciation for donations you receive!


DON'T whine or complain.

DON'T be outrageous, pushy or annoying in your requests. Keep in mind that $20 is a lot of money for some people to contribute.

DON'T wait until the last minute to get a list of potential sponsors together to ask for help.

DON'T mention how bad the economy is. When you do, you remind people to be cautious about their own money, and they will be less likely to donate.

DON'T mention in your posts that you're not getting any money. No one wants to read negativity. Be positive about your posts.

DON'T GIVE UP. Every little bit helps! Be focused, dedicated and organized!