The Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corps & Color Guard is an incorporated, nonprofit organization, operated solely for the betterment of youth. The corps is governed by a board of directors with goals and a focus on music education. This association operates year round at various levels in the Milwaukee community. The Pioneer involves area youth (and their families), nationally recognized music/visual educators, and an experienced management team to work towards a common dream.

The Pioneer recruits male and female members between the ages of 14-21. The performers appear in many parades, festivals, community celebrations, drum corps shows and championships throughout the Midwest and the nation.

Our group is composed of three sections: brass, percussion, and color guard. The instrumentation varies within each section and we can find a place for any young person which meets our requirements and has a desire to travel and perform with other motivated individuals.

Membership in the Pioneer requires dedication, discipline, and self-sacrifice. Our members develop leadership potential while working as a team. They use these skill throughout their lives. Members have the opportunity to set goals and strive to meet and exceed them. To a Pioneer, member or staff, the desire to reach perfection is the goal and the pride that comes from achievement is the reward.


The Pioneer promotes excellence in music education. In following our concept of "Better Every Day", we ask that each member "Be the best they can be, with the confidence of a winner". Meaning, our goal is to teach success through individual rewards and goals, while developing team spirit and the opportunity of feeling the pain of losing, and the joy of winning. An experience with Pioneer makes everyone understand a new meaning of winning and that rewards are not always the competitive mark, but rather what that individual gets out of the summer experience. In Pioneer everyone becomes a champion to themselves.

Becoming a Member

Every fall, auditions are held for all positions within the corps. The auditions consist of a personal interview to determine your attitude, ability to make rehearsals, your financial status, and a performance evaluation to determine your ability level. All members, new and returning, must audition for the section that they are interested in. Members will then be placed based on the above criteria. Members who meet these requirements will be offered a membership contract. From that point on, members will be expected to attend all scheduled rehearsals/camps and meet all required financial obligations.