Congratulations are in Order!
The drum major selection committee has announced the Pioneer Veterans Joey Tackett (# 2291) and Jackie Hirn (# 2428) have been selected as our leaders for the 2017 Season and beyond.

Joey Tackett:
has been section leader of our tuba section for three of the past four years for the corps.
While having one year of eligibility left, his skills of organizing people, connecting with people, resolving issues, and managing resources has been well noticed these past seasons. Currently, Joey is in his 4th year as a Music Education major at Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee. He works part-time as a resident assistant for the college.

Jackie Hirn:
is entering her third season with Pioneer. In high school she was a member of the Yorkville High School Color Guard. She wanted to perform in the brass section for Pioneer and leaped into notice by winning 1st Place in Vocal Solo at the I&E Contest in 2015. Last summer besides playing the baritone, she was a featured performer in our Saint Joan of Arc production. Again, Jackie won the Gold Medal at the DCI Vocal Contest with a perfect score of 100. She and Katie Craven (#2513) sang a duet of Danny Boy at the DCI Contest and scored a 99.0. At the end of their performance, the audience rose to a fever pitch of applause for the girls’ beautiful and passionate treatment of the ballad which also met with the judge giving emotional appreciation to the girls. Today Jackie attends the University of Illinois in Urbana, IL. She is majoring in Kinesiology, as well as a double minor in Chemistry and Biology. Jackie also works for the school as a Resident Director. She has 2 more seasons of eligibility to perform.

Ally Farrand:
Early last spring Ally (#2300) was asked to take over the leadership of the Color Guard. While she tried out, the person who won the position backed out for health reasons. Ally stepped right in and did an incredible job of leading, providing care to those in need, and performing at the same time. Always fair, but yet firm, her 5 years as a Pioneer member were evident. Currently she is attending Chippewa Valley Technical College majoring in Criminal Justice. She attended Germantown (WI) High School and in band performed both by playing the clarinet and being in the color guard. Ally has 2 seasons left of eligibility. Besides her school obligations, she works full time at Walmart.

New Orleans Camp Canceled:
Several factors made the decision necessary, but the result will give us more time and energy focusing on our summer program and the success that we expect. While the New Orleans Camp would have been in line with our cultural offerings, it is imperative that our main focus stay intensely on our summer production. Yes, it is disappointing, but we need to keep our priorities in order.

February Camp Canceled:
There will be no camp in February.

March Camp: (Please note)
The March Camp will take place on the St. Patrick’s weekend of March 10-11-12 That will be Camp #3 . Note the date change from our original end of the month dates.

  • April Camp #4 28-29-30
  • May Camp #5 26-27-28-29
  • Spring Training Begins: May 30th ++++

Pioneer Gear:
Our gear, which we used to call souvenirs or regalia, will now be headed by Mr. Jeff Williams and assisted by Pioneer Alumnus Ronald Raymond. Ronald (#2491) aged out last year after 2 years of marching in the Pioneer Guard. If you have any ideas or would like something special, call Mr. Williams at 217-778-9182 or Mr. Raymond at 920-213-3088. I am sure that they will enjoy speaking with you.

We congratulate Pioneer Baritone Alumnus player in 2015, Malachi Phillips (#2462) who graduated from the Police Academy. He is now a State Trooper in Fairfax, Virginia. I would not suggest speeding through Fairfax especially while he is on duty! 

Thank You:
Thank you to the Preston Scout House Band for sharing your arrangement of the Colonel Bogey March which is a short hand-clapping parade tune (128-13 beats) to add to our list following Garry Owen and Stars & Stripes. The march was made popular several years ago with the music from the movie Bridge on the River Kwai.

Video Auditions:
Information for all four sections of the corps will be available soon. Once we receive the video and the audition fee of $75.00, the caption head of the section you are trying out for will call you. If you have questions, please call the Pioneer Office at 414-327-2847

Drum Corps World:
Drum Corps World has an electronic newspaper that is FREE! It comes out 17 times a year and has lots of information and photos of every corps in the world! Look in the Corps Store area of the online paper for the Pioneer’s advertisement. If you have not signed up for Drum Corps World yet, go online now and join 32,000 others at

S.O.P.Y. ( Sponsors of Pioneer Youth):
Only 2 of these forms have come back to us over the holidays. I hope that you have been handing them out! Last year over 60% of our corps fees were paid through this program. Congratulations to Crystal Hargrove and Pete Biletzky. Don’t Wait! Start NOW!

Greyhound Bus Offer:
Between January 1st through January 6th,, you can get 30% off the price of a ticket! But you need to act fast! Use the special Promo Code: NEW 30 SAVE $$

Pre-Pay Camp Discount!
For the January Camp if you pay in advance by Thursday, January 19th, on Pay-Pal (don’t forget the extra charge), or check or by Credit Card (Call it in to out Office: 414-327-2847) you will save:
VETS: $50.00 in advance or $60.00 at the door
FIRST YEAR MEMBERS: $75.00 in advance or $85.00 at the door.

FREE AIRPORT PICK-UPS Tell Us if You Are Interested!
If you plan to meet at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport (Terminal 1, Lower Level “Baggage” at Carrousel #1 at/before 6:00 pm. It is FREE if you ask for it. Just list it on your RSVP that you will use to register for camp.

Please Note that there’s no camp in February and March Camp will be held on
March 10-11-12.

We will see you in 3 weeks! Bring your Pioneer Name Shirt that you received at the December Camp (First time people will receive a name shirt when they pay their camp fee).

We have plenty of room for more Pioneer Family Members! Become a master recruiter and bring as many people with you to camp as possible! Remember that YOU are the best recruiters!

Please do this now if you have not already!
That way we can prepare enough food, printed materials, etc. for you.
Oh yes we will have enough GREEN DOUGHNUTS too!

Roman Blenski