NO FEBRUARY CAMP: With the cancellation of the New Orleans trip, we will have no Rehearsal/Camp next month. We will use the time to continue recruiting and strongly encourage new interested people to use our Video Auditions. For $75.00 through the video audition, we will assess a person’s skill level, their potential, and where in the Pioneer Corps they will best fit and perform in the 2017 Season. Questions answered and advice through critique will be handled by the Caption Head and also possibly from the teaching staff..



MARCH CAMP: The next Rehearsal/Camp weekend will be held on MARCH 10-11-12 also at the Cudahy Middle School. On Sunday of camp will travel to Illinois and participate in the annual CHICAGO’s SOUTH SIDE ST. PATRICK’s PARADE! The parade will start early on Sunday Afternoon. Rain or Sunshine, or Cold, the parade goes on. You will perform for literally thousands of cheering Irish (mostly Irish want-a-bees)! On Friday and Saturday of camp you will be fitted with a Pioneer Uniform. Please remember: Bring a pair of “clean” Black Shoes and Socks. The new ones that you will receive will not be given out until the May Camp. After the parade, since we will be close to the Chicago Airports, those leaving from those airports will have an early head-start home.

DRUMS FOR SALE! Our huge set of Mapex Drums is being offered for sale: 10 Snares, 5 Tenors, and 5 Bass. They come complete with harnesses, stands, heads, and covers. They have the white, crushed rock finish. They will be available no later than the end of May. Mapex, Pioneer’s Sponsor is making a new set of drums for Pioneer! Thank You!

S.O.P.Y. CHAMPION IS… Crystal Hargrave, who already has received 12 donations towards her 2017 Corps fees! Anyone who needs financial help should be handing them out NOW! For the past several seasons, over 60% of our members’ fees have been paid by Family Members, Band Boosters, Lions Clubs, VFWs, American Legion’s, Catholic Knights, Local Businesses, Parents take them to Work, and also don’t forget to approach your rich Band Director  ! These SOPY Forms work extremely well if you use them! Pioneer gives 100% towards a member’s fees. Other corps take out 10-30% of sponsorships for their general funds! Again, pass them out NOW. It takes time to get people to donate. Crystal, keep up the good work!

THANK YOU – THANK YOU- THANK YOU! to our Corps Leaders Joey Tackett (#2291) and Jackie Hirn (#2428) for their surprise appearance to help at our Pioneer Bingo. Their help was especially valued since we ran two different Bingo sessions at two different locations that night and appreciated the extra help. Again, Thank You!

DCI LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE: Corps Leaders Joey and Ally Farrand (#2200) will represent our Pioneer Corps at a leadership clinic run by DCI next week in Atlanta, Georgia. All World Class Corps are sending their youth leaders for a busy two days full of clinics and workshops. Roman Blenski will also be in attendance representing our Pioneer Corps a

benjiePIONEER ALUMNUS PASSES AWAY: Mr. Benjie Burton (#1297), Pioneer Cymbalist, Teacher, and Management Assistant from 1996-2002, passed away this past Monday afternoon after a long battle with cancer. He left behind his wife, Tiffany, and 2 young daughters. Even if you did not personally know him, would you please show your Pioneer “Class” and express your condolences to his wife on Facebook: If you wish to send a couple of dollars to help with family expenses helping her and her young children, that would also show a lot of class on your part. Her mailing address is: Mrs. Tiffany Burton 2927 Choctaw Dr. Owensboro, KY 42301. It is very hard for us to accept that such a decent young man was laden with such a horrible disease. Our comfort is to know that he is now in a much better place! Thank you for the “togetherness and friendship that we shared” with Benjie!

COLOR GUARD DESIGN IDEA: This costume design is in the works as well as flag designs. TheCostume is being designed by Mr.Michael Cesario of the Fred Miller Company the leading uniform Maker in all of marching arts for Bands and Corps. He is creating Ideas for this year’s Show. Mr. JaMalh Wallace, our Guard Caption Head and his staff also have Several flag designs to enhance our 2017 production.

guard design

LAMBEAU FIELD home of the GREEN BAY PACKERS will be the site of one of our “Cultural” stops this summer.