The pre-St. Patrick’s Day Rehearsal Camp for The Irish Corps:

♣ Bring your New Member(s) along and remind them to put Your Name on their application stating that You enlisted them. $100.00 off of your dues for each one that joins!

♣ We will be rehearsing at the LINCOLN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL located at 4416 South Packard Avenue Cudahy, WI 53110. Packard Avenue is the main street in Cudahy and the school is located on the North end of it.

♣ CAMP FEE: = $60.00 for Vets and $85.00 for First Year Members. Because of the increasing costs for food, supplies, etc. we no longer can give a discount for early paying.

♣ BLACK SHOES & SOCKS: Please remember to bring Black Shoes & Black socks for the parade! The new shoes & socks that we will issue to you for the summer will not be available until June 1st. Guard ladies, please bring some black leotards to wear with the parade dresses. RB will be wearing his Irish Kilt from the early days of the corps. It “Still Fits!”

♣ PAY PAL? We strongly suggest that you either bring cash or checks. Pay-pal and Credit Card usage both create a service fee of $3.00, so remember that will increase the fee that you pay. (Example: $85.00 Camp fee would then become $88.00).

♣ WEARING OF THE GREEN: For rehearsals wear some special Irish hat, shoes, or pants to match your Name Shirt. You will be rewarded with some rare Pioneer memorabilia!

♣ SHOW YOUR CORPS SPIRIT! Showers will not be available on Friday night. On Saturday evening we will travel at 11:00 pm to Cudahy High School for a refreshing shower!


♣ This is a huge parade taking place in Chicago’s South Side that begins at about 103rd and Western Avenue. There you will perform in front of an average of 2000 + spectators who are either Irish or Irish want-a-bees! There will also be people from other corps, other staffs, and Pioneer parents & friends cheering us on. So this being our first public performance for 2017 is very important to us that we put our best foot forward! Our buses and truck will be parked at a mall towards the end of the parade route. Your parents can pick you up after the parade. And for your efforts of showing your Irish Pioneer Pride, each member will receive a FREE Shamrock Shake! In addition you will receive a huge power-packed Brown Bagged Lunch at the end of the parade!

Yes, members can take their cars to the parade. To help save you gas, tolls, and time, we will park at a mall at the parade route.

♣ New Sponsors of Pioneer Youth (S.O.P.Y.) forms will be available at camp. It will be a very colorful and great form that will motivate people to contribute towards your fees.

SAVE $200.00!
♣ If you are able to pay your entire corps fees on or before March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, you will benefit from a $200.00 Discount. Last year 16 members took advantage of the offer. It allows our corps to be able to purchase things early before the summer starts.

to our former South African Pioneer members Phelelani Mthatyana Msimango, Manqoba Pro Mabena, and Lacoste Uzzi on graduating from their university yesterday! These members were part of our partnership with the Field Band Foundation, South Africa. We are so very proud of you all! You are Better Every Day!