It gives me goose bumps that in about 4 days, talented and extraordinary human beings will be coming to Milwaukee for our last rehearsal, Camp 5, and from there comes Spring Training! Be prepared, for this will become the best up-grade of your performance skills in your life. You will be amongst a circle of similar or in some cases more talented people than your exceptional self. See you Friday!

Bring along your BLACK shoes for our early parades. Our new shoes that we issue you are awaiting a decision as to what color they will be, as well as any size corrections needed. They will be coming in late.

Make a final check on your friends whose summer plans might have changed. WE could use more Baritone Players, Cymbal Players, and Front Ensemble (pit) Players. People’s plans change and the opportunity of a lifetime could still be available in 2017 as a Pioneer member!

We need your completed Medical Forms (Doctor’s Permission) and Health Insurance Information ASAP! If you need the forms, here is a link:

Your TOUR FEE IS DUE. Cash is ok, but by using a check, you get a receipt from the bank and there is no extra charge. Pay Pal does work, but don’t forget to add the extra fee that is charged. Credit cards are also ok, but include a $3.00 processing fee. These will be collected on Friday night during camp registration. Don’t forget with your payments paid in full you get a Free Corps Jacket and get to choose your Bus Seat!

This will be given to you once your paperwork has been handed in and your tour fees paid. Be sure to put your name (or for that matter anything else pertinent) on the luggage bag. Parents or other people who might be bringing you to camp can take your luggage from home back with them, or the corps has a trailer that will come to the banquet in Indianapolis with your luggage!

Yes, you should be! It will be a great season, an awesome production “The Irish on Broadway” and thousands of excited fans cheering for you!

See you Friday at 8:00 pm!
Better Every Day!