Pioneer is a non-profit youth development organization based in Milwaukee, WI, and through the medium of the performing arts, is committed to supporting adolescent achievement towards the pursuit of excellence in all areas of their lives.

Pioneer prepares and inspires young adults to serve as leaders and role models for their peers by maintaining a strong emphasis on instilling positive leadership traits and principles, the development of individual moral character, goal setting and teaching the importance of responsibility and maintaining a strong work ethic.

Pioneer will ensure a strong family environment that uniquely benefits its membership as a result of the discipline derived from the study of the performance arts, and daily exposure to learning opportunities that develop important life skills, thereby enhancing the member's positive social development, and enhancing the quality of life for all members the community.

With a focus on performing arts, and promoting a fundamental concept to be "Better Every Day", Pioneer will continue its decades long commitment to the service and support of youth, and their personal development into solid leader and productive assets to our society.