Pioneer Bingo is the financial life-line of the corps. Without bingo the corps could not fund the summer tour as we know it. It costs approximately $4,000 a year, per member, to provide them with equipment, transportation, housing, and food. While a portion of this amount is covered by the member's dues, the majority of comes from local contributions such as bingo. Pioneer holds several bingo sessions a week in two locations for the convenience of the players and volunteers.


Wednesdays - 6:30pm
Bingo is sponsored by the Pioneer Corps most Wednesdays at the St. Francis Lions Club located at 3476 E. Howard Ave in Saint Francis, WI.

Saturdays - 6:30pm
Bingo is hosted by the Pioneer Corps at the United Seniors Center at 4515 W. Forest Home Ave in Milwaukee, WI.


$2,500.00 in game prizes each night!

$225.00 in cash raffle prizes each night!

Up to $150.00 in Pull Tab winnings!

Volunteers are always welcome and needed. Please complete our Volunteer Application for more information. This life-line of the corps will become stronger with your help!