VISION: to ensure that all of our extraordinary people (members, support/teaching staff) have a positive experience each and every day.

MISSION: to exceed every expectation through the daily advancement of our values.

VALUES: The intent of this statement is to establish positive behaviors upon which we will conduct our Corps activities. The extent to which we dedicate ourselves to the implementation of these values will determine our success.

PEOPLE: We are dedicated to the fair and equal treatment of all of our personnel. We will treat each other with dignity and respect.

RELATIONSHIPS: We develop meaningful and effective relationships based on trust, responsibility, and respect.

LEADERSHIP: We will lead by example through the establishment of expectations of excellence that combines diligence, perseverance, innovation, education, and creativity.

COMPETITION: We embrace competition as an opportunity for constant improvement and measurement of the growth of our performers.

PROFESSIONALISM: We will demonstrate and expect the highest level of ethical behavior from our teaching and support staff by always doing the right thing for the right reasons and in the right way.

COMMITMENT: We expect all of our personnel to effectively complete their responsibilities by doing the very best that they can at all times. Commitment fosters success.

RECOGNITION: We recognize, acknowledge, and reward positive behaviors and results in visible ways. We will celebrate our successes and encourage those successes throughout the Corps.

TRADITIONS: We will perpetuate our Irish heritage as our identity trademark and endeavor to be “Better Every Day.”