On March 17, 1993, a dream became reality as Pioneer purchased seven acres of property on Birchwood Ave. in Cudahy, Wisconsin. Originally named the "Pioneer Musical Youth Center", the center soon became known simply as "Pioneerland". The property has undergone several complete facelifts since St. Patrick's Day in 1993. Initially a small gravel parking lot was added and enough trees were cleared for us to create our first field at the entrance to Pioneerland. An office and working quarters for the support staff was added shortly thereafter. Clearings were created in the woods adjacent to the field for the corps to hold sectionals in.

Only a few years later, however, a major public works project in the area presented a problem for Pioneer. A drainage ditch was added at the west end of the property, consuming a majority of the original field. Never to be held back, Pioneer simply moved the field slightly to the east! When another public works project to rebuild nearby Pennsylvania Ave. began, Pioneer jumped at the opportunity to "help out" with the project. Tons of dirt being removed by contractors rebuilding the road was brought free of charge to Pioneerland. That fill was used to build what is now our main field at the South end of our property.

While most of the trees were cleared from the land in order to create enough space for the full field, several of the biggest trees were left in place at the center of the land to create a park-like environment for eating and sectionals. Sadly, on the morning of Sunday, May 31st, 1998, the look of Pioneerland was forever changed. A line of severe thunderstorms with maximum wind gusts of 128 mph moved through the area toppling most of the trees in the park area. While Pioneer's losses were minor in a storm that caused over $60 million in damages, only a few trees remain in what was once to be a grand park area.

However, as in the past, Pioneer moved on and soon completed the construction of a garage on the property to house all of the corps' vehicles. Today the corps continues to look into the future as plans are being made to build a facility on the property that will make the corps self-sufficient. The facility will ideally have practice rooms for each section, a large gym, office space, and a bingo hall of our own. True to the corps' motto, Pioneerland continues to get "Better Every Day"!

 Pioneer Musical Youth Center
2000 E. Birchwood
Cudahy, Wisconsin
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