These people in the list below put their talents forward against the best talents of the D.C.I. World. They put in the extra time to prepare and take advantage of the skill private instructors, band directors, and their friends helped them develop within them. In their future careers their personnel records show them personally competing solo, speaks a lot about the character of themselves. The corps also benefits from having the judging world and fans see what outstanding talent exists within the Pioneer Corps. We are proud of the following people:

2017 solo ensemble results


It is not too early to start now by selecting a solo along with a plan to follow in preparation for the 2018 D.C.I. Solo and Ensemble Contest.


Interviews are being conducted for individuals interested in the position of Brass Caption Head for the 2018 Season. Other staff openings are also available. Those who might be interested call Roman Blenski (414-333-2235) or give a call to
Dave Campbell at (724-518-3200).


Recruiting for the 2018 Pioneer Season is beginning Now! The most important mention or suggestion is to have us march a full 150 member Corps…Our 90 member corps has a lot of limitations. Size does matter both to the judging community as well as the fans in the stands. You can become a huge help to your Pioneer Corps by sharing your personal positive experiences from being instructed, culture days, leadership opportunities, and being surrounded by extraordinary high achieving people from all over the world. Be a promoter, tell others, motivate
Them, and develop their interest!


Age-out Trumpet, Andrew Modisane # 2517, has returned to his homeland in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a full time instructor for the Field Band. He started there as a 12 year old member and has been teaching the last two years. He lives alone in an apartment provided by the band. His career direction is to become an electrical engineer, attending Northwest University, while teaching full time. He has a younger brother and one older who lives with his parents Daniel and Cecilia Modisane. His favorite culture day activity was “Canoe Day”. His favorite Pioneer Corps song was “One Day More.”He feels that his best show was in Michigan City. A special thank you to the drivers who were special to him, “La Mont and Calvin.” Members who were special to him included: Connor, Austin, Melissa, Tiffany, and the entire “Team Japan.”

“Andy” was chosen Pioneer “Best Trumpet” on the strength of the teaching staff’s notes about attitude and ability. Many have also noted his almost perfect posture throughout his field performances.

Mellophone, Johannes Motlhabane # 2641 returns home to march again with the Alexander Field Band in South Africa, He also helps instruct the group that he has been since he was 10 years old! His plans are to return to march with us in 2018’s Pioneer Corps!

He lives in Johannesburg with his mother, Gladys, and his 3 older sisters. His career choice is to become an actor. During the summer his favorite culture day was Canoe Day and his best personal performance was at the DCI Championships in Indianapolis. His favorite Pioneer Corps song was “On My Own” Being the runner-up as Rookie of the Year was well earned with his hustle and having the skill of P.W.N.T. That skill was very evident and incredible for being a first year members.
Johannes extends thanks to Calvin our truck driver and Pioneer members: Armond, Cloe, and Ally for going above and beyond being a special friend…
See ya next summer! Johannes