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Powerful, dramatic, emotional 2017 show, “Irish on Broadway”, the music of Les Miserables that drew a rousing applause and many standing ovations at the conclusion of the show…..Beautiful Memories!

2018 CAMP DATES……listed below are in addition to several one day workshops in several cities. Video auditions are still available for a $50.00 service fee!

2017 group photo


2018 Rehearsal Camp Weekends
January 12-13-14
March 9- 10-11
April 27-28-29
May 25-26-27

2018 1 Day Workshops!
Watch our website: to find out about 1 day, 9am-5pm Workshops in Your Area!


Do you enjoy performing in front of large audiences?
Do you enjoy working hard to become a better performer?
Do you enjoy being in a group where you are accepted for who you are?
Do you like the idea of having friends from all over the world?
Do you like playing in a group who all want to become the best?
Would you like to be trained by a professional in your area of music or movement?
Do you enjoy traveling and seeing different parts of the United States?
Do you want to be challenged to become the best that you can be?
Do you want to come back to your band and help it become even better?
Do you want to be, “Better Every Day!”?

If your answer is YES to these questions, we would like to have you come and audition for your spot in the Pioneer Corps!

We are currently looking for young people, 15-21 years of age (22 if your birthday is after June 1st)

BRASS: Trumpet, Mellophone, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba
PERCUSSION: Snare, Tenors, Bass, Cymbals, Keyboard Mallets, Tympani, etc.
COLOR GUARD: Flags, Rifles, Sabers, Dancers, etc.
MORE INFORMATION: Contact us at: 414-327-2847 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or


We welcome Mr. Andy Grindle who has been chosen as our 2018 Pioneer Brass Caption head. Mr. Grindle is the Director of Bands at the Lake Shore Middle School of Jacksonville, Florida. He is also a trumpet performer for the Army National Guard Band. He is well aware, the Garry Owen March, our theme song, since he plays it quite often with his military band! Andy marched with and aged out from the Madison Scouts in 2011. He also has been a brass instructor with the Troopers Corps for 5 years. He replaces Randall Bennett who retired after 6 seasons with the corps. We will soon announce the brass team of instructors that Mr. Grindle will bring on board with him.


Jeff Leyk Trucking of Burtrum, MN has donated a 2006 Carrier refrigeration unit for our food truck. It will replace our 1977 unit that stopped functioning in late July! Thanks to Heiser Truck and Trailer for their help in securing this for us!

Mrs. Kathryn Andrea (#112) of Andrea and Orendorff, Inc. has given a generous donation to Pioneer. It was timely, much appreciated, and used very quickly!


To the 350+ people who wished Corps Director Roman Blenski a “Happy Birthday!” Memories of people from D.C.M., D.C.I. II/III, Pioneer 1960,70,80,90, 2000, 10 were abundant and very humbling! “Better Every day” to all of you for your thoughtfulness.


Peter Handerhan (#2636) section leader and bass drummer recruited three members for the 2017 Season: Gloria Garner (#2626), Kane Romero (#2610), and Jordan Fields (#2646). We are looking to see the recruiting patches on his Pioneer jacket!

Dear Roman and the Pioneer Drum and Bugle Corps,

First of all I would like to thank you and Sue for over 50 years of friendship, including the years of the Imperials of St. Patrick, The Thunderbolts, The Thing, and Pioneer. Over the years, you and the Corps had many great shows, but this year has been special to me because the musical, “Les Miserables” is my all-time favorite. Thanks for your production and interpretation of this music. The spectators at Music on the March show in Dubuque are always excited when the Pioneer Corps is scheduled. Again, thanks for your friendship and don’t let the judges influence the thrill that the members give the audiences. Looking forward to seeing you and the corps in Indy.

Yours in Drum Corps,
Al Beckins
Colts Drum and Bugle Corps


First year member, Ariana Jue (#2651) who plays cymbals, came to us last year after 4 years of marching band experience that included front ensemble, bass drum, French horn, and oboe. She is now a senior at Georgia State and works at the Georgia Aquarium. Her career direction via biology is to a position with the aquarium. Her parents, Randy and Ilana are both into careers of computer programing. Ariana’s favorite color is orange. Her favorite contest was Allentown, her favorite culture day was in St. Louis at the “Arch.” Her favorite song was “Irish Eyes are Smiling”, the corps song. While appreciating everyone in Pioneer, a special tip of the hat goes to: Tanner, Zach, Cindy, Kevin, Joey, Kane, Mike, KC, Shane, Arwmond, and Jackie. “Special people make Special friends!”

Sienna Joyce (#2604) better known as “Canada” because she lives with her parents in Waterloo, Ontario. This is her first year in Pioneer. Previously she spent 5 seasons with the Preston Scout House Corps. She’s quite the musician with 12 years of piano experience. She’s a high school senior being homeschooled. Sienna works part time at the university pool as a life guard. At this point she has not chosen a career. Her parents are Jody and Chantalle. Her father is in the fire suppression business and her mother is a teacher. Sienna’s favorite color is turquoise, favorite Pioneer song was the opener, favorite show was at the San Antonio Alamo Dome, and her favorite cultural day was the Canoe Day. Her special friends, a “Tip of the Cap “goes to Lance, Jackie, Tyrell, and Javier. She’s a tall and very “Classy” young lady!



A “Honey-eyed” Moment
As 9 Year Old Claire Aaron
Wants to be a Pioneer
At the
Dothan, Alabama Competition!