HELP WANTED: Sam Karafotis #1799 and Josh Pier (Visual Caption Head) are in need of recruiting help on Saturday,October14th and Saturday, October 21st. They will have a booth at both the Wisconsin State Championship in Whitewater, and the Illinois State Championship in Normal and Champaign, Illinois. We will provide food, transportation “if needed,” and an opportunity to look for extraordinary human beings. Any member who can do all or some of the above will be appreciated. Our Corps will be Better Every Day for your efforts! Please call the office (414-327-2847) or Josh & Sam.


HELP APPRECIATED: A call was sent out by Josh for members’ input about show ideas for our 2018 Irish production. Many thanks to Austin Crawley #2627, Joey Tackett #2291, Alex Whitmore, Grace Allen #2441, Dane Aros #2634, Kane Romero #2610, Jess Neises #2514, Garet Williams #2528, and KC Keele #2613 for taking the time to offer ideas.


AGE-OUT PICNIC: For many years, age-outs of mostly Chicago area Corps have a picnic in Barrington Hills, IL from 11am-5pm. There are no fees. Everyone brings their own food, Roman Blenski brings his collection of bugles to display, and several ensembles play some standard music of past years. It is held annually at the end of September. Quite a few Pioneer photos were on display and more should come from Pioneer to join the other corps’ displays. Mark your calendars for next year. Applause to Mr. Paul (Paul J) Schneider (Pioneer Visual Instructor 1998-2001) who was a conductor for one of the groups. He in his youth, was drum major for the Americanos and Marquee Corps. He still has it! If you remember the parade in Appleton, WI, we were listed as the Americano corps with “Paul J” as the Drum Major?


CAMP FEE CLARIFICATION: Last year we had a pre-registration deal, a misprint in the newsletter, and dealing with Pay Pal. All of that created some confusion. So let’s clean it up:

Returning Vets = $60.00
New Member = $85.00

  • Paying with Cash or Check = you get written receipt & no additional charge
  • Paying with Credit Card = you pay an additional $3.00 service fee
  • Paying with Pay Pal:
    • $85.00 = with Pay Pal Fee, you will be charged: $88.07
    • $60.00 = with Pay Pal Fee, you will be charged: $62.34

Pioneer Fees are a Great Value, when you consider what other corps, bands, guards, drum lines, and athletic camps charge!

  • 2 Nights of Housing
  •  24 Hour Adult Supervision
  • 22 Hours Total of Individual and Group Instruction
  • 5 Great “All You Can Eat” Meals!
  • 2 Snacks And The World’s Greatest Brown Bag Lunch on Sunday
  • FREE Transportation To And From Milwaukee & Chicago Airports
  • Name Shirts
  • Expert Professional Instructor Specialists from All over The U.S.
  • One of the Largest Gatherings of High Achieving Students in one place at one time.
  • Veteran Discount is Earned by Your Expected Leadership and Experience that You Will Share With New Members


COSTS MONEY: It is hard to imagine the cost of seemingly minor items, like custom field paint that does not kill the grass or make the schools unhappy, even while using wide- nozzle sprays for yard lines, as well as colors also. The cost of the paint is $32-35.00 per case. We go through 40 plus cases a year! Imagine the cost of 2 small slides for a baritone’s valves 2 & 3, and 3 top valve caps = $392.00 all because these items were somehow missing from the instrument. Your help in preventing waste is appreciated!


2018 SEASON: DCI and Show Sponsors are working to have an official show schedule for 2018. What we do know so far is that our First Show for 2018 will be on June 23rd in Whitewater, WI (gorgeous stadium!). This show is hosted by the Madison Scouts. Our last show of the season (after Allentown and before the DCI Quarterfinals) will be tentatively held in Pittsburgh, PA on August 5th. It looks like we will have 25 shows in all!


BANQUET MOVED! At the suggestion of our Program coordinator, Dave Campbell, our annual Awards Banquet will take place on Thursday evening of Championship Week instead of Monday. So yes, it will be after our prelim performance. Since this plus the DCI Group Picture that follows, it gives us enough time to shower and look sharp, It will be at the same location of Indianapolis’ famous Rathskeller along with its outstanding menu! We will celebrate the night away!

It will also benefit our parents and friends who can come for both the Prelims and Banquet. They can then stay over for the Semi-Finals. All of this they can do with a greater minimum of lost work days. There will be a will be $40.00 charge for the banquet ($41.76 with Pay Pal) and Reservations will be needed to reserve your table. It’s a great idea!!! Let’s try it.


REWARD FOR LOST SOULS’ INFORMATION: We are currently looking for and need information of the whereabouts (current address), telephone number, a working email, or job site of the following former Pioneer members:

2016 Aaron Brown Snare Drummer
2015 Jose Bernal Baritone
2015 Tia Thomas Guard
2014 Beethoven Arnett Snare
2014 Alexa Hughes Baritone
2014 Stann Williams Front Ensemble
2014 Shayla Nickles Percussion



KANE ROMERO #2610: Kane was a first year baritone. She played previously with the Appalachian Sound, a Sound Sport unit. She also has six years of music divided between flute, saxophone, and baritone. She attends Georgia Southern University as a full-time student majoring in music education. She stays with her grandparents, Dirk and Glenda Kinkel who are employed by Wells Fargo and the Mapleton Police Department. Kane’s favorite color is GREEN. Last summer her favorite Pioneer song was “Master of the House”, her favorite cultural day site was the St. Louis Arch. Her special thanks goes to her awesome seat partner Mike Shannon #2647, and her excellent Section Leader, Jacob Pike #2433…. Kane is considering playing tuba in 2018???

Roman Blenski