This show was conceived by our Program Coordinator, Mr. Dave Campbell and assisted by his Design Team of Pioneer Caption Heads. Containing historic mythology along with current fantasy conceptions, the show will be enhanced with vivid colorful props along with a partial uniform changes to accentuate very early Irish history. Call it fact or historical fiction, it is guaranteed to once again give our many audiences a highly entertaining and crowd-pleasing production. Also expect some wonderfully added sounds and sound effects never used before with Pioneer produced by our new Pioneer Audio Engineer, Mr. Robert McCowan.



Just call the Pioneer Office (414) 333-2235. We have extras from all our Seasons. Alumni make sure that your Corps Jackets reflect your experience and story.



The answer is because we are looking for extraordinary human beings, not necessarily just having talent, but those having the extraordinary desire to perform in front of thousands of cheering fans. They also are extraordinary by regularly attending rehearsals to not only for making themselves better, but also to become a part of a team with the persistent drive of making Pioneer the best that it can be. While school bands offer musical opportunities, many do not have the amount of time or an adequate amount of teaching staff necessary to push individuals to perform at a very high level. Many of today’s students are comfortable with an hour a day class for five days a week during school hours. That is not wrong. It is just a choice. But again our corps has the resources to give you an intensive summer of music and visual education with the best of competitive performance opportunities throughout the United States.

Many times we rehearse 8 to 10 hours a day plus traveling and performing. Many students would not want to make that kind of effort or commitment to do that. That is why the drum corps experience is so special. We compete with 25 other corps who also seek extraordinary students. Year 2018 will show that our members not only play above average, but they also will move on the field in the way that sports athletes do, and at the same time we are playing music! Add to this the rigors of travel (250-350 miles). Students who do this, enjoy and excel, and are extraordinary human beings.

Yes, corps life is different than the 1960-70-80-90-00-10. It is harder, more strenuous, more demanding, and more costly. The performance level skills are almost what you might call professional. The friends you have now today are not all from our local neighborhoods, from our city, or from a same school. Our Pioneer students come from all over the United States and four other countries. Now that is extraordinary!

The highest cost is not that of money, but rather in the amount of time that includes:

  • 4 Monthly weekend Rehearsal Camps. (January, March, April, and May)
  • An 80 day Tour that also includes a 22 day Spring Training.

What makes our Pioneer Corps special? It is that anyone who attends all of the camps participates with the entire corps. Of course it might not necessarily be with your 1st or 2nd choice, but you do perform in uniform! It costs money to eat, travel, use of equipment, etc. but Pioneer offers a Sponsors of Pioneer Youth (S.O.P.Y.) program that members can use for 100% of their efforts. Pioneer also does have cultural events which promotes the “tension/release” concept. The corps visits historical sites, amusement parks, etc.

Yes, we also do retain a high standard of a social group. We do not tolerate the use of alcohol, drugs, bullying, or any type of harassment. We have appearance guidelines, separate housing arrangements for members (male/female), staff, and drivers. We attend Sunday church services and expect that every member to display “Class” in their lives. That means doing, looking, and saying the right thing at the right time. “WOW!” This sounds like a lot! But that what makes Pioneer the “great value” of the corps world. Sure we are different in a way, but we are ok with that.

As we approach our 3,000th member in our upcoming 57th year, we see the need to fill out our ranks to 150. Size, these days, means a lot competitively. That does not mean that we have not pursued that in the past, but today we also see the increasing demands for the use of special effects, props, and electronics. So we need to evolve with the activity.

As an incentive for you to help us in our recruiting efforts, remember that for each person that you recruit and joins the Pioneer, you will receive a $100.00 credit off your dues. Also you will receive a special award patch for recruiting that you can put on your Pioneer Corps jacket. This includes helping out at extra workshops and recruiting booths. You will become an integral part of your Pioneer Corps’ goal of marching 150 extraordinary human beings.

Yes, we know that our recruiting goals will be a big challenge, but with the extra efforts of extraordinary people such as you, it will be possible to have a full D.C.I. World Class Corps! Tell your friends, ask around, keep your eyes and ears open and stick your hand out introducing yourself! Tell them about travel and performance opportunities and they will be together with many outstanding human beings like them.


Naperville, Illinois
February 24th, 2018

Pioneer will be manning a recruiting booth for this event. Corps Members can do a lot just by being present at the booth, speaking to Potential recruits. Show your pride in you corps by marking down the above date on your calendar or planner. The corps will take care of your admission and lunch costs. “The togetherness and friendship you share” will be priceless!


We have been informed about the passing of Mr. Dale Johnson, the founder and director of the former St. Matthias Corps in Milwaukee. He was also the chairman of the Badgerland Association in the 1960’s his leadership and vision were well respected. It was a time when Milwaukee has 12 Corps alone, 8 Corps in the Racine area, and close to 50 corps in the State of Wisconsin. Dale was Mr. Drum Corps of the time. Afterwards the corps disbanded and his sons, Jay Johnson (#461) and Mark Johnson (#608) marched in the Pioneer. Dale Johnson also recorded many corps shows and preserved a lot of memories for Corps people of that era. The Corps activity has lost a giant contributor.

ONCE AGAIN, We hope that you enjoy the upcoming holiday season! We hope that you make every effort to bring others with you to the January Camp. We also hope that if you are going to the Indianapolis Workshop at Butler University that you bring some friends with you! Work each day with your instrument or equipment so that when you get to camp or workshop, you will be ready!


Roman Blenski
Pioneer Corps Director