It is exciting to get together with 100 + extra-ordinary human beings this weekend. All of them are people like you who have the drive and strong desire to perform at a high level of excellence with their drum, horn, or auxiliary equipment!



____TOUR FEE BALANCE: Your balance is critical to the Corps” success. Every supply vendor we have wants to be paid C.O.D. and wants either cash or credit card. I you have not already, please do so this coming Friday night. (If you really want to use Pay-Pal, be sure to add the extra fee!)


____HOW MUCH CLOTHES, ETC.: Less is better as far as your personal items. The entire corps does their laundry and has a Wal-Mart stop about every 9-10 days.


____MEDICAL/PHYSICAL/INSURANCE: Make sure we have a copy of the filled Physical, Medical Consent forms and your medical insurance card.


____YOUR NAME SHIRT: Bring your Name Shirt from camp. There will be a lot of new people who would like to know you.


____TRANSPORTATION: Be sure to check ahead of time, the time that your mode of transportation to Milwaukee leaves giving you plenty of time to arrive at camp on time. If you are car-pooling with someone, be sure to do the right thing and help pay them for some gas or toll fees. So be prompt, if not early, arriving here.


____FINAL CHECK: Give it one more try with your friends and acquaintances whose plans might have changed and would like to march this summer.


____MEMORIZED MUSIC: Please be sure to have your parts for both GARRY OWEN and STARS & STRIPES memorized for our Monday Memorial Day Parade in Wauconda, IL. The parade begins at 10:00 am. If you can remember, bring your MARCHING SHOES along. Our new ones are on back-order.




CORPS HOUSING: For the first part of our Spring Training, the corps will be staying at the Wisconsin’s State Fair TOMMY THOMPSON YOUTH CENTER, a beautiful facility located in West Allis, a Milwaukee suburb. After that we will stay at the CUDAHY MIDDLE SCHOOL.


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AMAZON SMILE:  Please have both you and your parents, relatives, friends, etc. sign up for Then, for whatever purchases you/they make, a portion of the payment will be donated to your Pioneer Corps. It’s just another way of being Better Every Day for your Corps.


WE NEED: Volunteers to help us with some basic health/first-aid/and member’s welfare issues during our Spring Training and Summer Tour. If they can give a day, few days, or a week, it would help out a lot! If you have any leads please call our office: 414-327-2847


WE NEED: Bus and Truck drivers, also for one weekend, one week, or more for the summer. If you have any leads please call our office: 414-327-2847. If they have a CDL, that is best. Or if they have a regular driver’s license, they can help in other ways.


MORE HELP NEEDED: Back-field Conductors as well as people in all sections are needed. We may have some spots to replace some who have decided not to march, or because of lack of money or family conflicts cannot. We want every spot filled. Marching in your Pioneer Corps will change you and build a life time of memories. You asking them may be something that will cause them to remember you forever. Be a friend and do it!