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under the able direction of Mr. Bobby Bonslater, is doing very well. So far they have marched in The Harvard, IL Milk Days Parade, Three Oaks MI Parade, and the Libertyville, IL Parade. Crowds have been highly entertained by our fantastic percussion line. The color guard, being small right now is in need of many others to join. We appreciate the efforts towards that goal by Pioneer Veteran Megan Weaver #2527. Most of our members come to us from the area of Des Plaines, Illinois area along with about 5-7 students from Milwaukee. Mr. Andy Stawick has been teaching the percussion during rehearsals taking place mainly on parade weekends. With more upcoming weekend parades and performances, we sure would welcome more new members in the Drumline and especially in the Color Guard.



We have not forgotten the reward of giving our members times outside of rehearsals and performances to allow them to socialize, getting to know each member better, and to see some sites they might not have witnessed before. During the Harvard weekend, we went to the County Fair, enjoying some good corndogs, cotton candy, and animals. We also spent an evening in Chicago’s Loop where they saw people who came from all over the world, culminating with a tour of the John Hancock Tower.


With a couple of families taking vacations, and students who are committed to regular summer school attendance, it has been decided not to go to the Island as a reward for the members’ efforts.


This might be added to our schedule. Many members who participated last fall as WGI entries are in the Pioneer. We are seriously thinking of adding some members and polishing up the show for a successful entry in August at Indianapolis.

police k9

MAD DOG TRAINING is a service club that trains German Shepherds to be Police Dogs in police and sheriff K-9 Units. They practice at Pioneerland on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings. We feel that this is definitely a necessary and worthwhile service to our communities.

 dumb idea

But again, how many things are we seeing done on the competitive field these days that 15 years ago we would have called a dumb idea?


Sandra Fugh (nee Blenski) and Frank Sloan
Both who have worked with Pioneer are living in Kentucky. Sandy marched in Pioneer, taught the color guard, and for years assisted in show designs during its very successful Division II/III years. Frank also taught the brass section during these years and now continues his career as a middle school many director and drill writer for marching bands.

Jacqui Shelley (nee Bilder) # 1787, and Gerry Shelley were recently married in Las Vegas, NV. Many of you saw their beautiful wedding photos on Facebook. Jacqui marched several years and filled many roles. She was an awesome Mellophone Soloist, Drum Major, Teaching Staff, and Drum Major Mentor. Add to this her many hours of work as Pioneers Videographer and creator of our tour videos. Gerry Shelley, a native of Ireland along with Jacqui own and operate Natural Law, a restaurant in Blue Island, IL. They treated Pioneer this past March to a party at their restaurant. A loud Congratulations we give to you both!


Takes place every Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:30 – 8:00 pm as well as on some Saturdays. They are the Conquering Lions Futbol Club. They have two age groups. The group also does all of the grass cutting on our fields and keeps the area neat and orderly.

fire inspection

Our yearly inspection of facilities and fire extinguishers was given by the Cudahy Fire Department this week. Everything was found to be compliant and in good order. Thank you to those who helped clean and straighten up to make everything look 1st class.

Roman Blenski attended the funeral of Mr. Don Warren, the founder and director of the famous Cavalier Corps of Chicago. The family held three viewings on Wednesday, Thursday, and at the church on Friday so that everyone could have the opportunity to pay their respects. Leah Noel # 2134, Mr. Warren’s granddaughter, marched in Pioneer’s Color Guard and was often visited by Mr. Warren when both corps were practicing at the same show! Mr. Warren was well known and respected by everyone in the Corps activity.


On July 27th How would you like to march in the South Milwaukee’s Heritage Days Parade that begins on 10:00 am on that Saturday Morning. Bring your camper or tent to Pioneerland and stay overnight. Enjoy the tradition of a bonfire and meet old friends and let the memories of your days of rehearsals flow freely! We can quickly fit you up with a uniform once again and you can become young again. Please mark your calendar.


That beautiful 2018 vehicle that is parked at Pioneerland belongs to K.B. Excursions. They are renting a parking spot from us. On the topic of transportation, Bus #69 keeps having ride-leveling problems$. Bus #71 is in Fairibault, Minnesota getting air-conditioning repaired for the performance corps. Bus #75 is just waiting its turn to have the air-conditioning repaired in Fairibault, MN also. Thank you to Chris Smith for driving the bus for our members in this year’s parades!


We recently purchased a portable speaker (Karaoke System) with 2 wireless microphones that we can use for both of our bingo sites. It allows our floor workers to call back the winning numbers in a professional manner, rather than trying to shout them over the noises and loud conversations of the players. Being portable makes it great to use in any venue.

We also had our game sheets printed in volume and started recycling them after each session. To the customers, we are being environmentally aware and saving money by cutting down on our printing costs. As is usual this time of year, our attendance is being affected by church festivals, weekend vacations, etc.

smile amazon

By shopping at smile.amazon.com, you can purchase everything that is contained in the regular amazon.com. The difference is that a portion of your payment to Amazon is donated back to the Pioneer Corps. Just type in the smile.amazon.com address, follow the prompts, choose Pioneer as the recipient of the donation, and then continue shopping like you normally would. You get good bargains, excellent service, and help our young members with our musical participation at the same time

serving people
When you think about it, we are aiding youth and adults alike weekly with our resources. Between our Pioneer Performance Corps and Soccer Sports we serve 62 youth, as well as Police Dog training, parking, and Pioneer’s 25 adults…..The wheel keeps turning!



♣ Your presence on a Saturday or Wednesday evening at Bingo from 5:30 – 9:30 pm would be appreciated.

♣ A reminder that by using Amazon Smile is a great way to help the corps.

♣ Just saying a few positive words about Pioneer on Facebook helps a lot.

♣ A desire to teach, drive, make props, or food preparation on weekends starting on October 1st for the WGI Season.

♣ An effort to remind some youth on becoming a member of the Pioneer performance Corps now….or in the fall….


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