bingoBINGO IS BACK!....After canceling 18 bingo dates because of the Corona virus, we have re-started our SATURDAY Bingo games at the United Senior Center located at 4515 W. Forest Home Ave. in Milwaukee. The facility has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized from top to bottom. Social distancing signage has been placed to remind the customers. While the wearing of face masks is an option, the tables and chairs have been spaced out. Customers do have the option to move the chairs to sit with their friends as many have done……If you would like to play or help us out, come down on Saturday night. To help out, come around 5:30 pm. The games begin at 6:30 pm,  and usually end about 9:30 pm……  Our FRIDAY  Bingo games, located at the St. Francis Lion’s Community Center, located at  3746 East Howard Avenue, are tentatively scheduled to resume on Friday, July 24th.  More information will be posted later.

 pioneerlandPIONEERLAND….is still quite quiet. There is no marching, no soccer, or no bus trips. The police dog training continues and our friend, Tim Roberts parks some of his trucking company empty trailers on the north end of our property……Murray Davis, Diana Kupinski(#214) , Charles Mierecke (1769) , Roman Jr.(#701) and I have all taken turns cutting and trimming the three football fields. Normally the soccer clubs have cut it, but they still are not active because of the pandemic. So….the riding lawnmower gives us the opportunity as it travels 3 miles per hour, to meditate on our lives, past and present. Doing the trimming also takes a lot of time. Also the birds are very appreciative while we are mowing because it gives them the task of getting worms a lot easier. If you would like to enjoy the opportunity of volunteering for this peaceful endeavor, please call the Office at: 414-327-2847. It is a rewarding experience!

wgi windsFALL WINDS CORPS… is tentatively planning on starting on Sunday, September 20th from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm. It will take place at the Grand Ballroom located at 3677 East Pulaski Ave. in Cudahy, WI (about 4 minutes from Pioneerland.)……Dr. Cecil Austin will coordinate the staff and instructional program. The design will be created by Dave Campbell. Robert Newman (#385) will be the percussion caption head and Jesse Reyes (#2433) will be the visual caption head. We are still looking for additional staff. The big requirement will be the availability on Sunday afternoons. Re-booting as a community-based unit will require a lot of recruiting especially for beginning students, as well as students with experience. Would you like to be involved and help teach? If so, at your convenience, call the Office: (414) 327-2847 or send us an email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it...... Depending on our recruitment success, drumline and indoor color guard lines are possibilities. This summer’s season will include parades, competitions, and some great travel social events….CALL NOW AND GET INVOLVED!


searchingSEARCHING….for a person who recorded Corps in the 1960’s named LARRY ROCK. He did about 850 recordings in the Midwest including the Cavalcade of Drums in Marion, Ohio…Can anyone be of help?

solo ensemble SOLO-ENSEMBLE CONTESTS……These contests are being run by both WGI and DCI this summer. Check out the details on their websites. Your participation will give you an idea of how talented you are compared to others around the country.

 mcgcMCGC MIDWEST COLOR GUARD CIRCUIT Is offering some classes on dancing and rifle spinning on the internet. If you are interested, check their website.

rememberREMEMBER WHEN…… Our Corps had a fund-raiser selling packages of “soap”? We took a truck-load of soap on a Saturday at St. Patrick’s School. By Monday, the entire school smelled heavenly of soap!!! We had to move quickly per the school principal’s instructions.

REMEMBER WHEN……Running to the stop sign was an indicator of your physical shape. Do you think you could do it today?

REMEMBER WHEN….We forgot two students at the St. Louis Arch in St. Louis? Only a couple of hours down the road did we realize that were missing! Ironically, their parents were with us on the cooking staff. (These were no cell-phone days)

Amazon Smile LogoThanks to your efforts, another donation to the Pioneer Corps has been given to us from the Amazon People….. It is so easy to use! For every purchase you make from a percentage is donated to help us. If you have not already, just type in the above address and designate Pioneer!

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