Pioneerland will be the scene for Racine Kilties Alumni Corps’ rehearsal this Friday, July 30th, and Saturday, July 31st. These rehearsals will begin each morning at 9:00am. You are welcome to come and visit, or bring your horn and play along!


Our Wednesday evening bingo at the United Senior’s Center, (4515 W. Forest Home), is doing very well. The sessions begin at 6:30 pm. We also now sell 7 different kinds of pull-tabs. Come on down and have some fun. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated!


Pioneer’s marching percussion instruments have recently been cleaned up and tuned. They will be used this weekend by the Kilties, and ready for our upcoming Pioneer Winds group.

In recent weeks, there has been several uprisings in South Africa. We have been in contact with several of our SA members and all have informed us that they are safe and that hopefully things will calm down. Many former SA Pioneers still hang together via Facebook. Mumsy McHunu, one of the greatest and most dedicated SA Pioneer members has been in contact with me (Murray) and with all of her connections has let me know and wants to assure you that they are safe.

Winds groups do not have any specific instrumentation. In fact, there are purposely less regulations and restrictions against winds groups, at least in regard to instrumentation. These less stringent rules exist in order to encourage experimentation. One winds group could be entirely made up of brass, another only of woodwind instruments, and yet another a mixture of both woodwinds and brass. Winds groups also often incorporate percussion elements and guard elements into their performances, resulting in a unique mix of electric synergy.

Aside from the freedom of instrumentation, winds groups also must take a unique concert band approach to their rehearsals and performances, diverting from the traditional marching band approach. In a concert band approach, the focus is on producing a more precise and controlled sound. In contrast, in a marching band approach, the focus is on producing a full and exaggerated sound. The reason for this difference is simple. In fact, as Wayne Downey stated, “It’s right in the name. Indoor.” Marching bands practice and perform almost exclusively outside, thus their sound must be able to carry into the audience, despite their expansive surroundings. Winds groups practice and perform almost exclusively indoors, thus their sound has a smaller distance to travel, resulting in less of a need to project. (Text courtesy of WGI)

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Thanks to your efforts, another donation to the Pioneer Corps has been given to us from the Amazon People….. It is so easy to use! For every purchase you make from a percentage is donated to help us. If you have not already, just type in the above address and designate Pioneer!