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Happy ♣ St. Patrick’s Day…We missed you!
Better Every Day!

As the Corps began its 61st year, we celebrated with a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day party. As we all repeated in the Corps Prayer, “The Togetherness and Friendship we share” was renewed by the 75 members of our Corps Family from many seasons. They shared memories, renewed friendships, and viewed displays of our Corps’ history. These included Corps jackets, horn displays, tour books, banquet books, VCR videos, DVDs from many past years, and even some 33 1/3rd record albums!

One of the highlights included a plentiful “Irish” meal consisting of corned beef, Polish sausage, roast beef, Irish mashed potatoes, and seasoned veggies. Sharon Drake, (Pioneer bus driver) provided us with cookies, peanut butter candies, etc. to sweeten us up! This all took place inside the United Seniors Bingo Hall where we have held our bingo session for years.

Tim Osterbeck, our Pioneer webmaster used his professional equipment to project many years of our Corps’ performances that many gathered around and fondly watched. This also stood out as a popular highlight to our get-together.

Another surprise that positively stood out was that several of our former leaders were in attendance:


alumni 01

 There were lots of surprises seeing many of your friends that you have not seen for up to 40 years!

johnJOHN SCHOENKNECHT #444 had a great display of Thunderbolt memorabilia. If you remember, John marched in our Corps in 1973 and later became the Pioneer’s Assistant Director. He has also in recent years helped in so many ways including creating prop designs, helping with our cook truck, as well as other behind the scenes needs.

alumni 02

jacketIt was interesting to see the small changes of our satin green Corps jackets throughout the years. While at one time all corps had a jacket. Many were satin with beautiful displays on the backs. Today, only the Troopers and Pioneer still have the satin ones, as corps jackets seem to be out of style as well as corps letter sweaters and overseas hats that once were worn to show corps spirit and pride in their corps. With 60 years on our Corps’ history, there must be at least 1200 of our jackets in someone’s closet or attic, maybe even forgotten in the back of the closet.

New Pioneer hoodie sweatshirts were available for sale, plus free green pens and New Orleans Mardi Gras necklaces were given to everyone.


 busAlso in attendance were Pioneer Drivers Randy Erickson, Bill Nylund (#159) Dave Jarigese, and Shari Drake.



Special thanks to our faithful volunteers who without even being asked, helped in the clean-up and reloading of all of our displays. Once a leader, they are always leaders by example! Not being expected to do this, you need to know that your efforts were very much appreciated!

Also a special Thank-You to those who left money for expenses. It was not asked for, but was certainly a thoughtful deed on your part

gathering 01
Truly, the Hard-working members of the Corps!
gathering 02
Jim Muchmore # 470
Pioneer with Humor
gathering 03Leon Gregory # 302
Tenor Drummer & RB
gathering 04
Tony Miller # 114
First Soprano Soloist
& Pioneer Jacket Display
gathering 05
Jim Muchmore # 470
John Schoenknecht # 444
Leonard Steed #545
Dr. Cecil Austin
& Thunderbolt Memorabilia Display
gathering 06
Jessica Marsala # 2208
Pioneer Drum Major & Percussionist
and Roman Blenski
gathering 07
Lots of corned beef, Polish sausage, Roast Beef & Green Doughnuts!
gathering 08
Jim Muchmore # 470
Tom Bronk # 123 Imperials of St. Patrick Drum Major
and Sue Blenski
gathering 09
Becki Denomie #189
Imperials of St. Patrick Color Guard

crossIt is with a heavy heart that we report the passing of some friends and members who were part of us:

JOE KLOSS (#244) Joe was a contra player from 1967-1969 who recently passed away. We remember his brother, Dick played soprano in 1966 and his sister Carrolyn (nee Scharping) was in the brass section. Joe was part of a wonderful and talented family.

JOE COURTNEY Joe was for many years an avid Pioneer booster. He was a prominent judge in the color guard circuits as well as for drum corps. He passed away on January 27th, 2022. Joe was the corps director of the Vaqueros Drum Corps in Elmhurst, Illinois. He was devoted to the marching world of DCM, DCI, WGI, MCGC, and Bands of America. He will be missed a lot by the entire marching arts and color guard activities.

ELIZABETH BROSKY (Lucan) #1583 Liz, marched in Pioneer from 1982-2022. She passed away on February 11th, 1922 in Boston, PA. My memory reminds me of her extraordinary willingness to help in any section from 2001 – percussion, color guard, or even helping out in the support staff. Her mother, Jane Huff was involved as a volunteer bus driver as well as multi-talented in the food and uniform departments.

baseballGOOD DEEDS… Once again, for the third straight year, Pioneer sponsored The Wilson Premier Baseball League. The baseball field is located on S. 13th Street and College Avenue in Milwaukee. It is near Pioneerland and is operated by Neal Budahn. It has three divisions of youth from 11 – 18 years old.

calvin hollisCONGRATULATIONS… for the accomplishment of Pioneer
Calvin Hollis and his Gospel music singing musicians for receiving the Gospel Music Artists Association’s award for “Trio of the Year” taking place in Dallas, Texas. Calvin and his church group can be seen traveling the interstate highway between Oklahoma and Texas in their beautiful MCI Entertainer Coach. While Calvin isn’t singing, he preaches every Sunday, is a cattle auctioneer during the week, and in his spare time is a square dance caller! Yes, Pioneer Calvin is a very talented man.

helpOn Wednesday and Saturday evenings, we need help at various positions for operating our bingo games. Come at 5:00 pm and we are usually finished by 9:30 pm. It is a great fundraiser for the corps and you get to meet some awesome people. If you would be willing to help, please call the Pioneer Office at 414-327-2847. We will be glad to hear from you!


A new shipment of our nice warm hoodies has arrived with sizes small to 5X!!! Small to XL = $30.00. 2X – 5X = $50.00 plus postage. Our email address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Yes, this helps our corps a lot! Keep thinking about us as you have the opportunity to both purchase some great products as well as at the same time you will benefit your … Pioneer Corps!

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Our next Gathering of the Clan
Will be with the Racine Kilties Alumni Corps
at Pioneerland outdoors on
July 29-30-31

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Thank you Lord for the togetherness and friendship we share. For the hard working members of the Corps, and for the Corps itself. Instill in us the true spirit of competition taking the pain of losing with the joy of winning, and all with a smile. Remind us Lord that by doing the best we can at all times, We will have a winning Corps