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Gathering of the Clan - July 29, 30, 31

July 29-30-31

Are you going to bring your instrument? Play along with alumni of the Kilts, Pioneer, and other corps of old? Why not??? Drum equipment will be available and some horns to be used for the event. Music will be available.

It will be a great opportunity to visit with some old friends, catch up with the news… Remember you’re not getting any younger, so take this chance to stop in at Pioneerland and maybe play along “Garry Owen!” and “Auld Lang Syne” if your talent holds up 

We will have old uniforms on display, corps artifacts, and pictures (bring along your old photos). Nothing pleases the mind than to think and remanence about good times!

Saturday, July 30th Dinner will be from 4 – 5pm will be served having roast beef and genuine polish sausage! Bring along your favorite beverage. Parking will be good because the K/B Excursion buses will be parked on the far North end of our land where the Tim Roberts trucking trailers are parked. Put up a tent? Why not? The police dog training school will not meet on this weekend so lots of room will be available!

Pioneer will have a good selection of hooded sweatshirts available and for sale:
$30.00 for sizes (S – XL) or $40.00 for sizes (2X – 5X). Also we will have extra VHS and DVD copies from some years on hand.

If you are unable to attend, send us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with a line or two so that we can post it on the whiteboard for others to read. Those who will join us in playing instruments will be a hit and greatly appreciated!

Gathering of the Clan Schedule

Gathering of the Clan Detailed Schedule

Rev. Ronald Ruggles

Ron Ruggles served on the Pioneer Board of Directors as well as well as driving many hours from Paducah, Kentucky to bring his two daughters Tracy #1083 and Erin #1094 to march in the Pioneer. His son, Ron Jr., spent many summers with us as Equipment Manager and countless other tasks. It became a family activity who devoted themselves to the Corps’ young people. Ron’s wife, Jane traveled several seasons as our souvenir person, uniform maintenance, and many other tasks that touring demanded. His family continues to emulate Ron’s lifetime commitment by helping others. Ron was a kind and caring person that meant so much to so many Pioneer members, staff, and management. We miss him greatly. No doubt he was a person who not only helped others become Better Every Day, but also lived it himself! Thank you, Ron.

Noteworthy: At Ron’s burial site, the funeral director presented helium balloons to every person present, and as the final word of gratitude for Ron was given, the balloons were released as a gesture to the one who gave so much of himself.


It’s amazing. After many hours of weed trimming and preparation for resealing the asphalt areas, how stately the land looks. No marching on the field for 2 seasons, but because of a lot of donations from the MADD Police Dog Training School who uses our fields, the grass looks awesome on the main field (with the observation tower) and the second field which the turf is getting thicker. Of course, the Guard Field in front always looks great. Thanks to Murray, RBJ, and True Green Lawn Service, for keeping our field in top condition. We also thank the Merit Asphalt Company for repairing and resurfacing the whole area. New White parking lines makes a good impression also. It was one of the hottest days of the year (in the upper 90’s) so it took another day for properly set up as needed.


There is no news at this time. We are still in the planning stages.


After 25 years of fundraising with bingo at the United Seniors, the building has been sold. All bingo games will end on July 30th (Yes or Gathering of the Clan date), and United Seniors will be going inactive. So we are now moving to:

 Pioneer Bingo - The Choice Pub and Eatery

Formerly Crawdaddy’s Roadhouse and Shakey’s Pizza
9638 W. National Avenue

Our new bingo facility is located next to the Bike Shop and B/P Gas Station. It has been closed a while, but before COVID it was completely remodeled into a beautiful facility! We will continue to have bingo on both Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Since our last bingo at the Senior Center will be on July 30th (Gathering Night), our first bingo at the Choice Pub and Eatery will take place on the following Wednesday evening, August 3rd. We are grateful to the United Seniors people and its founder, Mrs. Dorothy Seeley for the many years we shared the building.


On the past 4th of July, a lot of thoughts of past 4th of July parades and events entered my mind. Our earlier parades in New Berlin, WI where the people watching were rowdy when drinks and objects were thrown at us as we marched along….or our 4 parades in one day that we did for 15 years 10-12-2-4 times. Sure we were tired, but we did it. It helped to keep the member fees reasonable.

Surprisingly we were able to make every one of them. Yes, we never missed a one, though at times it was close that we had to rush to be the last unit at the Hales Corner’s Parade.

Another memory was the Shorewood Parade where we marched for several blocks with hardly anyone watching!!! Our opportunity was to watch 5 municipal fireworks displays when we stayed in Cudahy. We saw theirs, St. Francis’, Milwaukee’s, South Milwaukee’s, and Oak Creek’s. They all took place at approximately the same time.

Time has not erased the memory of “Garry Owen” with parade watchers clapping their hands to the beat of the song.

We hope to see lots of Kiltie, Pioneer and many other Corps jackets in Attendance