Recently, on social media and in the news, special attention is being paid to Drum Corps in general and certain Corps specifically. Pioneer is one of the Corps that is receiving special consideration. While we might disagree on the accuracy of all the comments, depictions and rhetoric, some of what has been described is true. For those particular situations, we hope you can accept our sincerest apologies.

In response to these recent events, DCI has chosen to suspend Pioneer from the activity pending a comprehensive investigation. In addition, we have launched our own re-evaluation of current policies and procedures to determine areas for improvement. Once we’ve identified those opportunities, we will develop an action plan to make the appropriate changes.

While not everything during a season, regardless the Corps, always goes as planned; there are two things Pioneer has never struggled with and continues to offer to our staff and members. Things uniquely ours compared to the rest of the Drum Corps world. Pioneer is one of the very few “teaching” Corps for inexperienced and/or new musicians. Each and every one of us does their part to contribute to the success of each other no matter the skill level when joining the Corps. Which is a perfect segue to the second unique trait of Pioneer…Family. Pioneer accepts everyone for who they are and welcomes them into the Pioneer family. Whether it is a staff person or member, once you join - you’re family. And yes, that means occasionally disagreeing like family too.

In closing, all of us here at Pioneer want to thank you - our many supporters - and those whom have shared and continue to share concerns and suggestions to help Pioneer make improvements to the program and alert us to challenges.

Working to Be…Better Every Day!

Roman Blenski