On Friday, September 7th, I was appointed interim (temporary) CEO of the Board. My appointment was based on past experiences with; assessing schools as an Accreditation Team Chairman for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, leading three schools as a Principal, serving on two Boards as President of the Wisconsin Edge Precision Figure Skating Teams and President of the Woodland Pines condominium association, and my experience as a former Corps Director for Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corps.

Over the next few months the interim Board will be working closely with the Pioneer Corporation as we explore the future of Pioneer. Our primary goal is to maintain World Class status and membership in Drum Corps International. My challenge is to quickly assemble a highly qualified team that will meet all the Drum Corps International "Suspension Reinstatement Terms" by developing comprehensive policies and procedures specific to the criteria set forth by their Executive Director. We will be forming committees to assist in this process. Time is short. Pioneer must submit our plan by November 15, 2018 for approval.

The past several days have been spent enhancing the team with individuals who possess the qualifications we seek. Once we recruit a few more Board members I will share their names and experiences. Yes, there is alumni representation other than myself, and there will be frequent updates on our progress.

If you are interested in assisting us with this project, please respond by completing the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION found under the Contribute tab on the Pioneer website. Try to remember it's been less than a week since we started. Please be patient.

Thank you.

William Strube #284