The Pioneer Organization and I are very pleased to announce the members of the "interim" Board of Directors:

♣  Dr. Cecil Austin; PhD in Education, school administrator, served on several boards, drum corps judge, brass instructor for Imperials of St. Patrick and Pioneer.
♣  Dave Campbell; B.S. in Music Education, Music teacher, served on several boards, drum corps judge, former corps director of several units, and current program coordinator for Pioneer.
♣  Larry Case; manager in health insurance and educational development, visual caption head and designer, drum corps judge, director of and a Hall of Fame member of Central States Judges Association, and proud Pioneer alumni parent.
♣  Jennifer J. Collins; Attorney at Law, Member, State Bar of Wisconsin's Public Education Committee, Pro Bono Honor Society, and a Pioneer Alumni #1117.
♣  Albert Dobyns; BA., advertising, marketing and public relations, member of collegiate chapter’s board, and a Pioneer alumni #1171.
♣  Renee Erickson; M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, school administrator, advisory board member, treasurer for a condominium association board, and a Pioneer alumni #1287.
♣  Lisa Janasik; B.A. in cross-cultural expressive arts, retail business owner, university judicial board, and a Pioneer alumni #1881.
♣  John Noonan; businessman in the insurance industry, board member with The Cavaliers, and a proud Pioneer alumni parent.
♣  Timothy Osterbeck; manager, human resources, purchasing agent, and small business entrepreneur- website design firm, and a Pioneer alumni #1145.
♣  Ron Ruggles; former pastor, served on several boards, chief drum corps judge, and a proud Pioneer alumni parent.
♣  Steve Vickers; B.S. in Journalism, publisher of Drum Corps World, board member of Forward Performing Arts, Inc., sponsors of the Madison Scouts.

The interim Board will be working closely with the Pioneer Corporation as we explore the future of Pioneer. Our primary goal is to maintain World Class status and the corps' membership in Drum Corps International.

If you are interested in assisting our team with this project, please respond by completing the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION found under the Contribute tab on the Pioneer website.

Thank you.
William Strube #284